Weekend Recap: May 25th-27th 2018

This is one of my most favorite times of year-when the lilacs are in full bloom! We have four giant bushes on our property, 2 cradling the front corners of our farmhouse, 1 at the beginning of our rock wall, and one down at the bottom. The fragrance is incredibly intoxicating, and one little breeze will make you want to drink up the perfume all day. I can’t express how perfect this time of year really is-the trees are green and lush, the sky a bright full, and the farm full of this magical and intoxicating smell!

Lilacs are historically a staple of old New England farmhouse. The hearty, winter-enduring bush hails from England, brought over by settlers. Often, bushes were planted close to the house. Although the magical fragrance is short lived (about 2-3 weeks in bloom), it served as a means to fill up the farmhouse rooms with the sweet smell! Adding to the historical essence, lilacs were favored by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson alike!

The closest bush to the house cradles the left corner of our house and porch. A front porch + wicker swing + hot tea + lilac in bloom = heaven!

It’s a romantic notion to think that the large bushes planted on our property are easily over 100, if not over 150 years old. I wonder if the gardener who planted these knew they would be delighting families for over a century with the luxurious fragrance? To preserve the fragrance and invite it to join us year round, I’ll be drying the flowers and making scent satchels, soaps and potpourie.

Unfortunately our remaining milker, Agnes, is having continued issues this freshening with her udders that she had last year where they are hot to the touch and produce a blood clotted milk. We are in the process of drying her off because we have taken all necessary precautions to avoid infections with her (sanitizing wipes and wearing rubber gloves to milk) but unfortunately, the problem persists. She will be retired to being a herd companion, and we will not breed her again due these issues.

That lead us to our new goat that Paul and I brought home Friday, a registered Alpine yearling who is in her first freshening! She comes from a line of show goats, and has a great background both in showing and milking. We have been deworming her and not using the milk yet, but come Saturday, we’ll be back to our chèvre and goat milk caramel days!

Our newest addition to the herd: Jovie!

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