Weekend Recap: June 8th-June 10th

I can not even begin to describe just how lovely the weather was up here in Maine this past weekend! The temperature was in the low 70’s with a soft breeze, and the sky was a bright blue with a brilliant sun shining down on us. It was absolute heaven on earth!

Paul just finished the fencing around our fields. He put it up all by himself and I couldn’t be prouder of his hard work! My husband is seriously one of the hardest working people on this great earth, and the fruits of his labor can be seen below:

A peak at the fencing that Paul did on the back fields.

Our motivation with the fencing was to get our 2 Hereford heifers, Giselle and June, outside. They have been barn queens all winter, and it’s high time they are out in the fields with the fresh grass and area to roam. We would like to add a few more to our herd this summer, and then lease a Hereford or Angus bull to breed them hopefully around August or September.  We got Giselle and June into their new home and they took off running! It was something to see them so happy to be out enjoying the fields.

Giselle and June checking out their new digs.

We were able to get away for a mini-date Saturday afternoon as well! Paul and I drove out to Harrison to pick up some local, raw cow’s milk, and then stopped for a sweet treat before heading home. If there is one thing New England does extremely well, it’s all the little ice cream shops that can be found sprinkled across towns and different routes!

Long Lake Creamery in Harrison, Maine

This was our first time trying Long Lake Creamery in Harrison, Maine. It’s nestled above a gorgeous lake with sparkling blue waters. We parked on the small Main Street and left the windows rolled down, cell phones and my wallet on the seat. This wasn’t intentional of course, and I must have been blinded by excitement to try this creamery that we left those valuables easily accessible. BUT we came back and nothing was gone. Now, I’m not suggesting everyone try this, however I was amazed since I always grew up locking the front doors and making sure windows were rolled up high to deter any illicit activities! It’s so refreshing to be living in an area that for the most part, you feel utterly trusting in!

Paul at Long Lake Creamery.
Strawberry soft-serve with sprinkles, of course!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the glorious lilacs blooming! By now, the intoxicating fragrance is only a dreamy memory, however it is the time of year where lupins are in full bloom. This perennial is beautiful and another of the seasonal blooms I very much look forward to! While they typically prefer sandy-soils, they are found across North America and can thrive even in rocky or clay based soils. We were lucky enough to find a big blooming patch on the drive home from Harrison.

Local lupine blooms in Greenwood, Maine.

A weekend wouldn’t be complete without making something from goat’s milk! Jovie, the newest Alpine on the farm, is doing fabulous and has been producing very well for us. I see some chèvre, feta and caramel’s in the very near future! While I didn’t make any caramels or cheese this weekend, I did make another batch of soap. The recipe I use is incredibly moisturizing with all natural ingredients. I added in some lavender essential oil and dried lavender flowers to this batch, and I just don’t know how I’m going to be patient enough for it to cure the next six weeks!

Lavender goat’s milk soap.

The animals are fed, the house is clean and the soap has been made-it’s been a full weekend, and my heart is even fuller with the love for our simple life! Stay tuned for a recipe later this week… here’s a hint, it’s combining two June crops into a fantastically amazing pie! Have a great week, and as always, we thank you for following and supporting our journey.


Paul and Courtney

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