Weekend Recap: September 21st-23rd

I am having a hard time believing that we are entering the last week of September! I know we have been very busy, and when you’re busy time flies even faster.. but still, I can’t even fathom that we have just entered a new season. This summer has been tremendously busy-we have hosted many visitor’s (the perks of living in “Vacationland” is that everyone wants to visit you), have accomplished a multitude of projects, and have enjoyed as much time outside before the weather gets colder again.

My cousin, Gabe, came all the way from Richmond, VA to spend time up in this beautiful state! 

This past weekend was busy (as always)! We hosted family friends for lunch on Saturday, picked up pork we sent for processing, and then picked and canned one of our little apple trees. Oh, and I made two batches of Pumpkin Pie goat milk soap for my holiday collection (it smells and looks heavenly)!



With the advent of a new season (and impending colder weather) I am excited for what autumn has in store. It is absolutely my favorite season and I plan to embrace every moment of it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoys your last full week of September 2018!


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